Michael J. Vogel, D.C.

I met Gudrun at Eric Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy workshop in Richmond, Virginia. The emphasis of the 3-day workshop was to learn new and inovative methods to release joint and muscle fixations with the goal of decreasing pain and increasing joint mobility. During the workshop, Gudrun worked on my neck, back, shoulders, hips and legs […]

Octavia Vaughn

Gudrun is a fixer.  She is probably the most ‘muscle knowledgeable’ person who has ever worked on me.  She could start a school.

Mark Wright

I have had hundreds of massages all over the world, and Gudrun is by far the best massage therapist I have ever encountered.

Nancy Lohman

Gudrun is a highly talented, skilled massage therapist!  Amazing!! I’ve never experienced this type of therapeutic massage.  Gudrun is so professional yet warm and eager to assist the client in every way.  I had particular issues I wanted to address (lymphatic), and Gudrun was so appropriate for my needs.

Brooks Peterson

Not only was the massage therapeutic, it was eduational and specific to my needs.  Gudrun asked for input beforehand, she listened well and implemented.  She had no trouble finding my “hot spots” and was able to work areas in one place that affected problems elsewhere.  Gudrun is professional, courteous, thorough, and personable.  An A+ experience!

Dr. Lin Zucconi

Gudrun is a wonderful massage therapist. She gauges the intensity of your massage therapy according to your body’s needs and doesn’t use excessive force or intensity. She is flexible and intuitive so that she senses what muscles and tissues need work thus each massage session is unique and meets your body’s needs. She’s also just […]

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