Supporting Your Health through Dry Skin Brushing

Did you know that more than one pound of waste products should be eliminated through your skin each day?

Or that your body absorbs oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide through the skin?

Vitamins, minerals, and proteins are also assimilated through direct application.

As a living, vital organ, our skin merits nurturing attention.  Healthy skin indicates a healthy body.  Supporting the skin’s role of elimination subsequently enhances the self-cleansing work of other organs, glands, and elimination systems.  Removing and preventing the accumulation of the body’s waste products allows for the nourishment, oxygenation and regeneration of the body’s building blocks, the cells.

Fresh air every day and physical exertion to profuse perspiration at least a couple times a week not only feel good, but they are great for your skin.

Dry brush massage is also stimulating, cleansing, as well as nice exercise for the skin.  Done every day, even twice a day, upon arising and before going to bed, dry brush massage supports better health, better complexion, and an overall feel-good outlook on life!  This type of massage is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable self-care health activities you can easily partake in!

How to dry brush massage:

First, get a natural bristle brush about the size of your hand; one with a long handle is nice, so you will be able to reach all parts of your body.  (I include a dry brush with every Dry Brush Add-On

Always brush towards your heart, engaging long, sweeping, semi-circular strokes.  Begin at your feet, then your legs; next, your hands and arms; then your back, abdomen, chest and neck.  Brush moderately vigorously, making rotary motions, adjusting the pressure according to the varying sensitivity around various body parts.  Again, the flow is always towards the heart. The dry brushing process should take about ten minutes to massage your entire body.

Finish your dry brush massage with a nice cleansing shower to wash off the impurities from the skin resulting from the brushing action. Ending your shower with three hot and cold water cycles will further invigorate the skin and stimulate blood circulation.

After getting out of the shower and drying off vigorously with a course towel, give your skin additional nourishment with pure plant oils such as olive, apricot, coconut, sesame, avocado, or almond oil.  These oils host naturally occuring sources of vitamins and minerals, while remaining free of toxins.

In support of your health, dry brushing:

  • removes dead layers of skin and other impurities, thus keeps pores open, tightens, softens, and smoothes skin
  • stimulates blood circulation in all underlying organs and tissues, and in the small blood capillaries of your skin
  • helps prevent varicose veins by activating circulaton
  • increases electromagnetic energy in the areas brushed, resulting in energized and invigorated feelings
  • stimulates lymph vessels to drain toxic matter into organs of detoxification
  • when used in combination with hot and cold showers, helps prevent colds
  • stimulates hormone and oil producing glands by supporting eliminative functions of the kidneys and liver
  • stimulates the nerve endings in the skin, rejuvenating the nervous system
  • causes individual muscle fibers to activate and move because of stimulated nerve endings
  • contributes to healthier muscle tone and a better distribution of fat deposits
  • dissolves areas of cellulite if done five to ten minutes twice a day for at least five months
  • helps prevent premature aging and mitigates degnerative diseases

For hygenic reasons, it is best if you have your own dry brush, which you use only on yourself.  Be sure to wash your brush with soap and water every couple of weeks, and allow it to air dry in a warm place or in the sun.

Avoid brushing your facial skin, or any parts of your skin that are irritated, damaged, or infected.

I wish you great delight in the time you give to yourself.  Ten to twenty minutes of dry brush massage is such a nice gesture of nurturing self-care each day, your overall sense of well-being will glow after a few days, a few weeks, and onward to a few months, of this gift to yourself.  Take good care of you!

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