Rebounding is probably the best all around exercise you can get, an excellent reinforcement to your massage therapy experience, and a superb adjunct to your nutritional wellness regime.

The combining effect of the forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity on the body provides as stimulation for the neuromuscular system that can be achieved with no other exercise. The alternating weightlessness and increased gravitational pull produced in rebounding, results in total body fitness and tone, without any joint jarring shock, exercising every single muscle, organ, and cell. Rebounding is a cellular exercise because it causes all of the cells of the body to physically adjust to what is perceived by them as a more demanding internal environment.

Rebounding stimulates the activities of the lymph system, helps circulate more oxygen to the tissues, strengthens the heart, aids metabolism, enhances digestion and elimination, builds muscles, strengthens the bones, corrects poor eyesight, improves overall coordination, improves posture and body alignment, strengthens joints, and brings flexibility to the neck, hips, knees, ankles, and back.

Rebounding is convenient and beneficial for all ages, shapes, and sizes of people. Beginning in utero, rebounding is beneficial to both mother and child during pregnancy. The cellular stimulation provided by the movement of rebounding enhances balance, coordination, rhythm, timing, dexterity, and kinesthetic awareness for young children, teenagers, adult and seniors. The benefits of rebounding can be blended into the lifestyles of very busy people quite conveniently with 3-5 minute routines. Because rebounding stimulates the the flow of the body’s fluids in a gentle way, it is also an excellent way to help people who are struggling with obesity to begin a movement/exercise routine.

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