AMTA Burn Scar Therapy Training

The comfort of Kleenex in hand, I watched the video documenting the treatment and healing journeys of young burn survivors. Tears flowed. I questioned whether I would be able to complete the Burn Scar Therapy training. The graphic descriptions of the accidents and the painfully tragic injuries to these children corresponded closely to my own […]

Supporting Your Health through Dry Skin Brushing

Did you know that more than one pound of waste products should be eliminated through your skin each day? Or that your body absorbs oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide through the skin? Vitamins, minerals, and proteins are also assimilated through direct application. As a living, vital organ, our skin merits nurturing attention.  Healthy skin indicates a healthy body.  Supporting the […]


Hello World!  Welcome to the blog addendum to the website!  I am excited to share valuable information about massage, wellness, self-care, healing, and pertinent quirky tidbits as well, here! For starters, I’d like to begin this blog with a grounding, awareness meditation.  It helps one get in touch with oneself; it is a lovely […]

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