Frankincense and Clarity Essential Oils

Hello!!  For the past few weeks I have felt as though I have been spiraling into a whirlwind of sadness, anxiety, and self-defeating mental chatter, which has been distracting me from so many of the wonderful activities with fun, lively, joyous friends. While I have been extremely grateful to be partaking in awesome life adventures, I have been struggling with a dichotomic need to cry, panic and lack of focus.  I have been steadily cleaning up my diet, gradually detoxifying my body, increasing my water intake by a boatload, and increasing my amount of exercise and time for meditation, knowing that all of these measures will help ease the angst within.

Today, however, I am grateful for the post from a colleague, “I keep frankincense (essential oil) nearby, and whenever I have self defeating thoughts I inhale the oil 7 times and transform my feelings or thinking so that I will always be on the positive side.”

What a great reminder that I have an incredible apothecary of essential oils which I know help ease physiological and psychological distress. I collect them, but I do not use them nearly enough!

Frankincense contains a significant amount of sesquiterpenes, which increase oxygenation around the pineal and pituitary glands, which helps support the nervous system. As a result, oxygenating the pineal and pituitary glands helps support emotional balance, and helps one have a better attitude.

Remembering the benefits that I have experienced with the essential oils, I decided to also use Young Living’s Clarity Blend. I have been confounded for days with the inability to focus on mundane but necessary office tasks, to the point of amplifying my anxiety to impassable summits. I rubbed a few drops of Clarity on my wrists, temples, brows, and back of my neck: within moments the hustle bustle in my head was gone. I was able to sit with calm and focused mind on the tasks at hand, which were neither foreboding nor beastly.

Clarity is a beautiful aromatic blend which also helps oxygenate the brain. It contains oils such as Basil, which encourages concentration; Cardamom -clears confusion; Rosewood – appeasing to the mind, relaxing to the body, Ylang-Ylang – brings back feelings of self-love, confidence, joy, and peace; Bergamot – uplifts and calms emotions and helps reduce anxiety, stress and tension; Jasmine – very uplifting to the emotions, may produce feelings of confidence, energy, euphoria, and optimism. Those are the key notes of the oils that I think are helping me feel better; there are several other wonderful oils in this blend as well.

Wow! I am grateful for such a huge help from three small drops of oil! I am grateful to my colleague for posting what he did and reminding me of the wealth of health I have right in my own home. I am grateful for my beautiful friends who have surely endured my descending internal spiral, even though I have tried to keep it to myself. I am so grateful for the much better outlook that I am experiencing right at this moment, compared to even when I began writing this post! It feels good to be here!!positive self talk

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