Dry Brushing

Dry Brush Massage

When you are feeling run-down or just want to support your body’s immune system, adding a rejuvenating 10-minute dry brush massage to the rest of your bodywork may be the perfect antidote.  Boosting the flow of the body’s lymph and revitalizing and increasing the eliminative capacity of the skin, dry brushing is an excellent support to the immune system. Each client receives a dry brush to take home for daily use. I elaborate on the benefits of daily dry skin brushing on my blog.


30 min.Body Work$50Buy
60 min.Body Work$90Buy
90 min.Body Work$125Buy
120 min.Body Work$160Buy
10 minDry Brush Massage- Add-on $15Buy
60 min.Raindrop Energy Balancing Massage Foot & Neck$100Buy
90 min.Raindrop Energy Balancing Massage Full Session$160Buy
60 min.Emotional Release Chakra Balancing Massage$100Buy
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