Lymphatic Massage

A light rhythmic, pumping form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, Lymphatic Massage improves metabolism, promotes the removal of bodily toxins and waste, and encourages a healthy immune system. The relaxing, gentle movements towards the heart and lymphatic ducts direct lymph flow throughout the body. By helping to clear any blockages, the massage gives the lymphatic system a boost keeping it running healthy and strong. Lymphatic Massage is good for individuals who frequently suffer from illnesses, a faulty immune system, sports injuries, depression and emotional problems, stress, and low energy; it has positive effects on the skin, increases energy, helps with respiratory problems, and reduces pain and swelling as it evokes the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Lymphatic Massage nurtures calming vitality to your body story.
You may be interested in adding a Dry Brush Massage to this session.


30 min.Body Work$50Buy
60 min.Body Work$90Buy
90 min.Body Work$125Buy
120 min.Body Work$160Buy
10 minDry Brush Massage- Add-on $15Buy
60 min.Raindrop Energy Balancing Massage Foot & Neck$100Buy
90 min.Raindrop Energy Balancing Massage Full Session$160Buy
60 min.Emotional Release Chakra Balancing Massage$100Buy
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