CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy allows for release of physical, mental and emotional tension by relieving nervous system compression by cradling and influencing the bones and ligamentous tissue of the head, spine and lower back. CranioSacral therapy is a relaxing, gentle technique of perceiving and enhancing the delicate movement of the CranioSacral rhythm, the cyclical “wave” of the CranioSacral fluid which ebbs and flows within the membrane around the brain and spinal cord. While using my hands to perceive the natural, symmetrical CranioSacral wave motion of the body, I can detect restriction lesions by interference with the wave pattern, which reveal a deeper body story of injury or disease. By gently holding the area of restriction, supporting it into relaxation, allowing it to unwind and dispel its adaptational energy, we can give the injury the time it needs for a complete release.


30 min.Body Work$50Buy
60 min.Body Work$90Buy
90 min.Body Work$125Buy
120 min.Body Work$160Buy
10 minDry Brush Massage- Add-on $15Buy
60 min.Raindrop Energy Balancing Massage Foot & Neck$100Buy
90 min.Raindrop Energy Balancing Massage Full Session$160Buy
60 min.Emotional Release Chakra Balancing Massage$100Buy
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