About Gudrun

Compassion for others fills Gudrun’s Massage and Body Wellness practice. Respecting every person’s story through life in their pursuit of peace, optimal health, groundedness, and sparkles of joy, Gudrun provides a sacred space for her clients to deepen their connection with themselves.

Gudrun’s awareness of the magnitude of the healing power touch during her fiance’s journey with terminal cancer. Massage Therapy offered a relief to the fear, the pain, the stress, the unknown. The light that shone through the tunnel of soulfully agonizing bereavement was Gudrun’s desire to learn massage. She wished to give the alchemistical relief she and her fiance experienced back to the world. In her first week of study at the School of Shiatsu and Massage, Gudrun experienced the epiphany of why she had been put on the earth. From that liberating moment, Gudrun’s passion for supporting people in their journeys towards optimal wellness through healing touch and nourishing lifestyles expands.

Massage Therapy has gifted Gudrun with many profound transformative experiences. The emotional release during the second week of massage school broke through the years of sadness and bereavement and she laughed intoxicatingly for days. CranioSacral Therapy freed her from 25 years of smarting pain from a traumatic head injury in an automobile crash when she was young. One session of Neuromuscular Therapy unwound the compensatory patterns Gudrun’s body adopted as a result of the injuries from that automobile crash, which caused a pelvic obliquity and presented as leg length discrepancy, restoring equal balance to both legs, and positively affecting her back pain and misalignment.

Gudrun loves to share the nurturing and healing support and space to allow each client’s body, mind, spirit and soul to release what is no longer functional and to be open to receiving whatever is in the highest good for each individual.

In addition to continually advancing her Massage Therapy and Bodywork studies, Gudrun models ideal health through nutrition. Her zest for empowering people through self awareness led her to study Nutritional Microscopy, where clients gain a fascinating insight into the functionality of their overall body systems through Live Blood Cell Analysis. From the information their own personal bodies provide, clients can make their own dedicated, healthy choices to facilitate their own vivacity.

Gudrun loves the catharsis adventure and exercise in the outdoors, where she revels in the peace and magnitude of nature. She loves the joy of movement in music and dance and laughter. And she loves creativity with her friends and family and community.
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The Cultivation of GudHart Massage and Body Wellness

American Massage Therapy Association, 2006-Present, Professional Member
California Massage Therapy Council, 2011-Present, Certified Massage Therapist
School of Shiatsu and Massage, Middletown, CA, 2004-2006, Massage Therapist
Shiatsu Practitioner, 2004
Deep Tissue Practitioner, 2006
Lymphatic Massage, 2006
Kinesiology, 2008
Neuromuscular Therapy Center, St. Petersburg, FL, 2005-2006
NMT for Cervical/Cranium
NMT for Upper Extremity
Florida School of Massage, Gainesville, FL, 2005-2006
Soft Tissue Injuries in Athletics
Myofascial Dynamics of Breath
Orthobionomy, Phase 4
Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Winter Park, FL,2006
Caring for Clients with Cancer
Space Coast Health Institute, Melbourne, FL, 2005-2006
Reflexology Fundamentals
Upledger Institute International, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 2007-2012
CranioSacral Therapy I
CranioSacral Therapy II
Healing Touch Program, Golden, CO, 2008
Healing Touch Level I
Veterans’ Administration, North Bay Stand Down 2010-2011
Healing Touch Practioner
Freedom From Pain Institute, Richmond, VA, 2010
Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques
Somanautics Workshops, Beverly Hills, FL, 2011
Integral Anatomy

Center for Nutritional Medicine, Buford, GA, 2013, Certified Nutritional Microscopist

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
~Leo Buscaglia

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